What is dental tourism?

The term «dental tourism» means when someone from a foreign country goes to another country to have their dental treatment done. As simple as that. But why? Many reasons! In Costa Rica we have many positive characteristics, that is why we are considered one of the best places to do dental tourism. 

Costa Rica is the most stable country in the region. We have a very solid democracy. We are far less expensive (explanation below). We use the best materials and technologies around the world (yes, the same brands used in the US) and adding all that, we have a natural paradise!

Why does it cost less?

Sometimes we tend to compare price with quality, but everyone knows a story where this rule was not applied. I have another story called «Dental Tourism in Costa Rica». As you might know, we have lower prices than lots of countries like the United States for example and quality is not a reason. 

When we talk about materials prices in Latin America, we can see a HUGE difference in the exact product and the same brand. The reason? We have a smaller economy, so manufacturers adjust their pricing to our economy. 

Another big reason are operative costs. Taxes, bills, renting or buying a place to build your clinic, hiring experienced personal and many other things cost less in Costa Rica, and this is reflected on the final price of the treatment. 

Want to know more information? Please contact us and we can have a call, a video call or you can send us your questions via email! For us, it will be a pleasure to help you!


Is it safe?

Absolutley. Costa Rica is one of the countries located in Central America where organized crime is not even part of our day to day. We live in a solid democracy, where we respect and appreciate our tourist as a family member, that is why tourism is one of our top 3 incomes in general. With Solved Costa Rica you won’t have any problem, we will be in charge of any part of your visit.


We work with the highest quality materials and technologies available in the market. If you have any question of the brands or materials our doctors use at their clinics, you can feel free to ask… we will ask them for you and we will give you the answer as soon as possible. You can be sure we are not sacrificing material’s quality for lowering our prices. 

COVID-19 in Costa Rica

COVID-19 is a reality all over the world no matter what. Costa Rica is not an exception, but we have managed the pandemic in a responsable way. The use of face masks is mandatory in closed spaces (Inside stores, airport, cabs, dental clinics, etc.). 

As of August 2021, Costa Rica has 50% of the population vaccinated, cases are decreasing gradually and our health care system is not saturated. There are strict protocols in every place you visit; such as washing your hands at entrance, using gel alcohol, social distancing and temperature measuring. Contact us if you have any question! 


Requirements To Enter Costa Rica

This may vary with time. As of August 2021 if you are 100% vaccinated against COVID-19 you don’t need any travel insurance. If you are not vaccinated, a life insurance is mandatory for your entry to Costa Rica. We can help you with this process… If you have any questions, please send us a message and we will be very glad to help you! 

Frequently Asked Questions


Are the doctors US certified?

Yes! All of our doctors are US certified. Through the process of their professional career they have stay current, not only in Costa Rica, but internationally including the United States.


Does Solved Packages include the airplane tickets?

No they don’t, but we will assess you and guide you during your purchase, explaining you the options and giving you the best solution for you.

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