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We know you will not regret visiting Implant Dentistry. Let us help you not regret coming to Costa Rica. 

If there’s a problem, there’s a solution. But this solution is not always easy to find. Luckily with Solved our clients don’t need to worry about finding a solution, they only need to find us.

Your well being is our main goal. With that in mind, you can visit us and be sure we will assume all your needs so you can have an amazing experience here in Costa Rica, not only with Implant Dentistry’s excellent dental procedure, but also with memorable moments with Solved Costa Rica’s packages .

Why are we different?

It’s simple, we care about you. Here in Solved Costa Rica we have 2 main objectives, assure you your medical procedure will have the best results and making you feel like home away from home. So, if you have planned to come to Costa Rica, tell us, and we will find the way to make it true!


Make it Simple

Don’t worry about the logistics, we will be in charge of simplifying your trip and building an amazing experience building the perfect package for you.

Easy Paying Method

We have different paying methods, that makes the process way much easier and safe. The transaction has to be made to one of the company’s account. 

Personal Assessment

A member of our team will be in charge of your trip, he will be able to help you with any matter.

Personalized Alimentation

A group of professionals will guide you with the best nutritions plans so you can have a succesful recovery .


We will help you getting your COVID-19 PCR test before leaving Costa Rica. Solved Costa Rica will provide you face masks and gel alcohol during your trip. 


Post-Treatment Medication

Don’t worry about your medication. Our team will be in charge of providing you with the best post-treatment medications with Implant Dentistry’s prescription. 

Flying Tickets

Our patient coordinators will advice you about your flying ticket purchase. 

Explore Costa Rica

Why not exploring the beautiful places Costa Rica has to offer? Let us help you make this a reality.


If you want to travel to Costa Rica with an insurance, our patient coordinators will help you with any advice you need.

Your Health

Making Things Easier

Best Quality

Happy Memories

One of the most important things for us is your health. We are focused on your trip and your needs for an optimal recovery. 

Don’t worry about transportation, booking the hotel, buying food or buying post treatment medications. 

We know Implant Dentistry works with top leading materials in the industry.

Our job is to ensure that your trip to Costa Rica meets and fullfills all of your expectations and experiences of the trip, your wellness is one of our priorities! 

A Piece of Costa rica

The best thing of visiting Costa Rica is that you can visit several places without wasting much time traveling in a car or an airplane. For example, you can have your medical or dental appointment by 8:00 AM and you can be appreciating a volcano by 3:00 PM. No joke! 

contact us!

If there’s a problem, there’s a solution. But this solution it not always easy to find. Luckily, with Solved our clients don’t need to worry about finding a solution, they only need to find us.