Solved Costa Rica Process

First Step

After your first message, we will introduce ourselves so you get to know our team. Our Solved Costa Rica Patient Coordinators will send you 1-2 different forms depending on your needs, so we can have a clear panorama of your situation, and give you the best solutions according to your necessities.

Second Step

After filling the form, we will make the perfect trip for your dental restoration here in Costa Rica. If you have any question, with the help of our doctors and our patient coordinators, we will be glad to clear things up so you can have the best scenario for your decision. You can ask us anything you want! Also, we will provide you a schedule so you can visualize your trip before your visit!

Third Step

Are you happy with the result and the planning of your visit to Costa Rica during your mouth restoration? Now we can talk about paying methods, we are not talking about it before we are sure you are in total comfort with your decision. We are pretty convinced that this is one of your most important decisions in life!

Solved Costa Rica Experience

We wanted to make a video so you can watch the Solved Costa Rica experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I Have To Pay To Have My Quotation?

Nope! We are not receiving any money for helping you organizing your trip or giving you some advice! We know you are in a very difficult process in which you have to take some tough decisions, we are not going to make it more difficult!


Can I buy a Solved Package and Have My Dental Treatment With Another Doctor?

Yes! We can help you organize your trip with any doctor you want. However, we highly recommend you ours. You can visit «Our Team» section so you can see why are we telling you this! They are the best.


How Many Days Before My Visit Do I Have To Buy My Solved Package?

You need to make the reservation at least 15 days before your visit. Please contact us if you have an emergency visit or you are 15 days (or less) before your visit to Costa Rica so we can look for a solution!


Can I visit Costa Rica With My Husband/Wife/Friend?

Absolutely! We have a package called «Companion Package» and it’s designed for your companion. It includes all the same specs of the patient’s package and a lower price! Please contact us for more information.


How Can I Organize All The Appointments and Services?

Before your visit to Costa Rica we will send you a schedule with all your activities (appointments, transportation specifications, etc.) with dates and hours! When you arrive, we will give you a printed one so you can have it on your hotel room or have it with you during your visit!


What Are Solved Costa Rica Available Paying Methods?

We have an international agreement with different banks such as: Citi Bank, Wachovia National Bank, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase Bank and Standard Chartered Bank. We also accept Paypal and cash. 

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