Fortunately in Costa Rica we don’t have extreme temperatures, that is one of the reasons why we call it a paradise. In San José (where the big part of the dental clinics are located) the weather is pretty comfortable, you don’t need special clothes for your visit to Costa Rica. 

We have 2 main seasons. The first one («summer») goes from november to may and the second one («winter») goes from may to november. We used «» in winter and summer because the only difference between those periods is the rain! In the next section we will talk about clothing.

To make it simple, we will divide the day in 2: Morning Clothing and Afternoon Clothing. During the morning (between 6-8am) is a little bit cold (XX-XX) but temperature usually starts rising until 12 md (XX-XX). We recommend you to bring shorts or jeans with a comfortable shirt. It is a very comfortable outfit and if temperature drops a little bit, you can always use your sweater or jacket and you will have no problem.

Between 4-6pm temperature usually drops a little bit (XX F – XX F). If you are using a jeans or a short (depends on your tolerance to the cold) with a jacket you will have no problem. We highly recommend you closed and comfortable shoes so you don’t have any problem if it starts to rain. You can bring a hat and sunglasses, sometimes is very sunny. If you have any questions related with your trip, feel free to ask us and we will be glad to help you!

Transportation in Costa Rica can be easy or complicated, depending on the zone. First of all, let us mention you that if you come with Solved Costa Rica you don’t have to worry about anything related to transportation during your visit for your mouth restoration. We will pick you up and leave you at the airport and any appointment during your trip.

Now, Let’s talk first about airport-related transportation. If you didn’t coordinate something before, there’s no problem, you can go wherever you need but the orange cabs are little bit more expensive (airport cabs are orange, normal cabs are red).

As a fact, we don’t recommend using public transportation (bus) for leaving and going to the airport, it’s very complicated and a little bit more dangerous because sometimes you have to walk through the city with all your luggage. It’s a little bit cheaper, yes, but for us, not worthy.

You can use a red or orange cab there’s no problem with that. Another option is downloading the Uber app and a driver will pick you up at the airport, remember, you need the name of the hotel so you can mark the location in the app. Also, you need to register your debit or credit card in the App. No internet nor wifi? You can ask someone around and we are pretty sure they will help you, remember one of Costa Ricans characteristics… We are pura vida!

Taxi cabs (red ones, the ones that are outside the airport) usually charge about $3 per mile. Uber charges something similar but it’s a little bit safer. Want to calculate the distance between places? Send us a message and we can help you with that.

Now let’s talk about the appointment’s transportation. Basically you have two options: Uber or Taxi. Uber is safer and cheaper and has the advantage that if you leave something in the car, you have the driver’s phone number and you can contact them. Feel free to contact us for any matter, we will be very happy to help you!

With any of our 3 packages you don’t have to worry about this information, our driver will pick you up at any place. Absolutely the best option! 

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to bring sunscreen?

Yes! Sun exposure is not recommended in some dental treatments, but if you are taking a walk or visiting the beach. We highly recommend you to use sunscreen.


I forgot a personal care item, what can I do?

There are multiple options of products here in Costa Rica. We have national or International brands so you can choose according to your likes and necessities, or we can send you the product to your hotel, we are here to help you in any matter! 


Is there WiFi in the places I will visit?

Yes! The airport, the clinics and the hotel are equipped with WiFi. In fact, in our hotel there is a special zone with desktops where you can sit and work if you need to!


Are there communication barriers?

There are not. All our members of Solved Costa Rica speak English. We are sure you will not have any problems at the airport nor the hotel. You can speak English with most of the people! 

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