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Why Choosing

Solved Costa Rica?

If there’s a problem, there’s a solution, but this solution is not always easy to find. With Solved Costa Rica you don’t have to worry about taking wrong decisions… you only have to choose us. 

Don't Worry About Transportation

Airport? Hotel? Appointments? That problem is already Solved.

No Hotel Reservations

We have the best option for your necessities.

Daily Fresh Meal Preparation

With the recommendation of the doctors we will give you the best options.

Personal Assessment Before, During and After The Trip

We will be available for you during your stay.

Explore What Costa Rica Has To Offer

Explore more of our country, beyond your dental appointments.

Why Does It Cost Less?

There are several reasons why we have more competitive prices than the United States and other countries; Quality of the doctors and the materials are not a reason! Learn more…

The Best Choice

We know you have hours, days or weeks planning your dental treatment in Costa Rica, but let us tell you something: Your research ends up here. We will be in charge of any logistic, reservation or question you have before, during and after your dental procedure here in Costa Rica. 


Hotel Reservations


Airport Transportation


Appointments Transportation


Flying Ticket Purchase Assessment


Easy and Safe Paying Methods


Post Treatment Medications


Best Doctors and Technology


Full Time Personal Assessment


Fresh Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Travel Around The Country

Your Dream

We can work together building your dream. All you have to do is tell us what you need and your preferences… We will not rest until you are happy and all your expectations are pleased! 

Save Money

It is not a secret that visiting Costa Rica will save you lots of money to your pocket, so, why not visiting Costa Rica with the best plan and enjoy what our country has to offer? We will make it possible.


You don’t have to coordinate anything. We will make you some questions for your trip and we will give you the best option for your visit! No reservations, no mistakes, no stress! With Solved Costa Rica you don’t have to worry about anything!

The Flikier Dental Institute was the saving grace for my daughter, after receiving an All on 8 and surgery on her jaw, she now has her beautiful smile back and can eat and speak normally. She will always have some visible scars from the accident, but she never has to worry about her smile.

– Justin Freer

Frequently Asked Questions


I Already Chose My Doctor in Costa Rica, Can I Plan My Visit With Solved Costa Rica?

Sure! We also have the best options for you. If you are interested you can send us a message and we can give you a free estimate of your trip.


I Already Have My X-Rays, Are They Useful In Costa Rica?

Most of the time yes! Send us a message so we can study the specific case and make the question to our doctors. Important, this process is free!


Can I Have a Video-Call With The Doctor?

Sure, we can coordinate a video-call with the doctor so you can meet him and feel sure about your decision! We both know they are very busy, but we will make the time for you!


Can I Go With My Partner?

Absolutley! Ask for our «Companion Packages». You can visit Costa Rica with your partner, they will have a special price so it’s a great deal to take!

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